Underwater noise pollution

Explore the hidden menace of low-frequency underwater noise pollution in our oceans and its devastating effects on marine life, especially dolphins and whales. To learn more about ocean noise pollution.

Marine Mammal Observer versus Passive Acoustic Monitoring Operator

Marine mammal observer's binoculars

Marine mammal observer and Passive Acoustic Monitoring Operator are two important roles in the field of marine conservation and offshore energy industries. Both roles involve monitoring and protecting marine mammals. Table of Contents ____ ___ Diving Deep: A Candid Conversation with MMO and PAM Experts Raquel and João in the Offshore World In an enthralling …

Rising Tide BioAcoustics receives funding for the initial development of an active underwater noise cancellation system for ships

The Government of Canada is committed to taking action to protect marine mammal populations, in particular the Southern Resident killer whales, the North Atlantic Right Whales, and the St. Lawrence Estuary Belugas. This includes putting in place measures to help reduce underwater noise, initiatives to help understand underwater noise and its effects, and investments in …